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Our Newest Addition
OMEGA VTII 62” True Solvent Printer

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DGI Omega VTII-62 True Solvent Printer

Big Printer Small Door

You never really understand just how big these machines are until delivery day.  Our new DGI Omega 62” printer was no exception.  99” long, 49” high and 43” deep it certainly was not going to fit down our hall to the printing room; or through any of the standard doors for that matter.

We had considered removing the head however that still leaves us with an extremely large, yet delicate,  312 lb monster that would have to be carried and held until the 300 lb base could be moved and re-attached.

Instead we opted for putting it through the wall.  The repaired wall in the office being perfect.  The bay / work shop maybe not so much.  We’re planning on cleaning up the work shop all the same.

Once installed we look forward to this new addition.  A true solvent printer, prints will be more durable and last longer. Further, true solvent printers are presently among the most economical to operate.  Savings we can then pass on to you our clients.

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