At first glance you may find our Google street view a bit confusing.  Don’t be concerned, there is much more to Edwardson Media than our mailing address would suggest.  A drastically outdated view at that, we keep our Workshop and Office separate and with good reason.

At this end you find our office, and primary business location. Quiet, clean it's not only a well-suited design studio but also houses our more sensitive equipment, computers, solvent printers, vinyl cutters, Laminators. All require a near sterile environment to produce a contaminate free product. In photos you'll also find it contains a small, heated bay for lighter sign work or smaller vehicle applications.  With the majority of consumers looking online there's really little need for an expensive yet high profile office.

Onto our workshop, a short drive will reveal an industrial area and our Arnold Street warehouse. Not particularly suited for walk in traffic it is however an excellent place for manufacturing of large signs and graphic application on trailers, and large vehicles. It allows freedom to use routers, and other power tools without  fear of contaminating the office, prints or graphic stock.

So there you have it. No shellac or show room but we do make some damn fine signs.

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Edwardson Media - Tour Our Facility

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Edwardson Media - 74 Charles Best Place, Kitchener, ON   N2M 5A3

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