Hammond Plumbing - Refurbished Illuminated Pylon Sign

Hammond Plumbing - Pylon Refirbish
At Edwardson Media we’re always up for a restoration project so when Hammond Plumbing contacted us to refurbish their old double-sided pylon we were eager to help.

Our Complimentary Maintenance Signs
The first task being the installation of a complimentary, though, temporary sign.  Recognizing Hammond Plumbing is sure to have extensive clientele we still understand a sign in absence can often confuse the public.  We offset our cost, offering it for free,  with the advantage of a small advertisement Edwardson Media claims on the lower right corner.  Once installed its time to “dig in” to the real work.

Frame Configuration

With a frame configuration no longer suited to the building’s needs we were able to strip, paint, and fashion the existing components into something a little more appropriate for the individual clients housed within, only having to add a single piece of H channel to complete the design.

Aging Acrylic Face
Pollution and UV had certainly taken its toll on the aging plastic.  Given the size and stress placed upon the many panels we decided against regular acrylic opting for a high impact modified product ensuring durability against even the most unmerciful of winds, the price difference negligible when considering the benefit.

Onto Logo Recreation
Though, at first tenants were not overly excited we’d wished to adjust their logos to suit their allotted areas they were all quick to jump on board once they saw our work.


Taking down the faces revealed a host of problems within the cabinet itself.  The difficulty in access had left many components limping along for what appeared to be some time.  The result, charred lamp sockets, burnt wires, blackened tubes, poor connections and malfunctioning ballast, all of which we replaced.

End Result
What was once a well aged sign now lights up beautifully.  Our attention to detail regarding tenant art really paid off and the high impact modified acrylic will not only ensure longevity but also allow future repairs to be done a little easier requiring much less a “velvet touch”.

Happy Clients, happy tenants, happy sign shop.  A big thanks to Hammond Plumbing for including us in this project.

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