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Why Us - A word from our “Sign Guy” - some shops make “stickers”. We prefer to make signs.

Why does the above image (right) look so different from that of the left?

Quite frankly; I enjoy what I do.  I’ve been at it long enough it’s not only my profession, it’s my art. I take a great deal of pride in every sign I do; right down to ensuring my bylaw sign / your private bylaw sign, is perfectly in line with city code, standards or above.

How much more does this perfection cost?  Little, nothing, or less.  Like the most dedicated employee, and working for you, I’d rather stay late and see it done right than skip home to leave an inferior or even ordinary sign.  It’s my obsession.

Just don’t sing me that stupid “sign, sign, everywhere a sign” song  - gawd I hate that.

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