Tri City Pianos Van Wrap

In a time when commercial wraps are all the rage few consider manufacturers of ink, film, and printing plotters only boast a useful lifetime, for printed graphics, of about 3-5 years.  It’s for this reason we try to use vinyl cut wrapping films, with a projected life of up to 12 years, as often as possible.

As was the case with the Tri City Pianos caravan.  Using 12 year wrapping and supreme cast films this “black tie” design is both smart and sure to deliver effective advertising well beyond this vehicles useful life.

Many thanks to Tri City for the opportunity to do this project.  You’re right Norman....we LOVE signs!

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Wraps That Last - Tri City Pianos Van Wrap

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For more information regarding Tri City Pianos Click the link to their website.

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